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Apakah warna yang anda nampak?
(What colour do you see?)

If you have learnt Lesson 7 (Days of the Week - Nama Hari) and Lesson 12
(Colours - Warna) really well this lesson should be a breeze.
It associates a colour with each day of the week (no particular reason for
the association though).
So from the background colour alone (today's colour, for example, is brown)
can you give today's colour in Malay?
In other words how do you say brown in Malay?
If you can't answer this question go back to Lesson 12
Did you say coklat? Correct! You can go on to the next question which is:
Hari ini hari apa?
This table of equivalences will help you answer this question:
merah => Sunday
biru => Monday
hijau => Tuesday
kuning => Wednesday
ungu => Thursday
kelabu => Friday
coklat => Saturday

Hari ini hari apa?
(What day is it today?)

Based just on the colour that you see and on the above table did you say:
Hari ini hari Sabtu?
(= Today is Saturday).

BRAVO! In that case go on with confidence to the next lesson (Lesson 25).
If your answer is wrong don't worry. Just go back to Lesson 7 and come back later.
Note: To get the most out of this lesson you should come back to it for seven CONSECUTIVE days.
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