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Table of the 64 Lessons (for smartphone) 

Lesson 1 Names and Pronouns
Lesson 2 Languages
Lesson 3 This is...
Lesson 4 Nationalities
Lesson 5 Numbers: 1-9
Lesson 6 How many?
Lesson 7 What day is it today?
Lesson 8 Numbers: 10-99
Lesson 9 What time is it now?
Lesson 10 What month is this month?
Lesson 11 How are you?
Lesson 12 Colours
Lesson 13 Not yet
Lesson 14 I want to ...
Lesson 15 The future tense
Lesson 16 If it rains ...
Lesson 17 Questions with "When?"
Lesson 18 Don't
Lesson 19 Questions with "What?"
Lesson 20 Excusing oneself
Lesson 21 Questions with "Where?"
Lesson 22 Numbers: 100 and above
Lesson 23 Eating
Lesson 24 Drinking
Lesson 25 Questions with "Why"
Lesson 26 Questions with "Can I"
Lesson 27 Perhaps
Lesson 28 Always
Lesson 29 Questions with "Who?"
Lesson 30 I am cold
Lesson 31 Present continuous tense
Lesson 32 To like
Lesson 33 Very
Lesson 34 Please - extending an invitation
Lesson 35 The past tense
Lesson 36 Just now
Lesson 37 "Not" - with adjectives
Lesson 38 Please - asking a service
Lesson 39 For
Lesson 40 Which one?
Lesson 41 With
Lesson 42 I wish to buy...
Lesson 43 What's the price?
Lesson 44 Short forms
Lesson 45 Prepositions
Lesson 46 More prepositions
Lesson 47 Adjectives and Synonyms
Lesson 48 Is that true?
Lesson 49 Pronunciation - Part 1
Lesson 50 Pronunciation - Part 2
Lesson 51 "Not" - with nouns
Lesson 52 Still
Lesson 53 Use of "pernah" (ever)
Lesson 54 Alamat (Address)
Lesson 55 He said that...
Lesson 56 Parts of the body
Lesson 57 Types of sickness
Lesson 58 Making Comparisons
Lesson 59 Occupations
Lesson 60 Classifiers
Lesson 61 What is this?
Lesson 62 Presenting oneself
Lesson 63 Compliments and criticisms
Lesson 64 Signboard language
Appendix: Malay prefixes and suffixes

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