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Lesson 22  Numbers (from 100 onwards)

If you have mastered counting up to 99 in Lesson 8 this final lesson on numbers in Malay will be plain sailing to you. You will now need to know only three more words (ratus, ribu and juta) to be able to count any number in Malay.
Counting 3-digit figures in Malay is like counting them in English, the word "hundred" being replaced by ratus.
Similarly counting in thousands and millions in Malay is like counting them in English. You only have to replace "thousand" by ribu and "million" by juta.
As examples speak better than words, here are a few numbers for you to practise:

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A second reading (by Muhammad Nor Ismat, a native speaker)

193 = seratus sembilan puluh tiga
459 = empat ratus lima puluh sembilan
638 = enam ratus tiga puluh lapan
874 = lapan ratus tujuh puluh empat
241 = dua ratus empat puluh satu
562 = lima ratus enam puluh dua
927 = sembilan ratus dua puluh tujuh
382 = tiga ratus lapan puluh dua
734 = tujuh ratus tiga puluh empat
111 = seratus sebelas
3,586 = tiga ribu lima ratus lapan puluh enam
7,497 = tujuh ribu empat ratus sembilan puluh tujuh
4,824 = empat ribu lapan ratus dua puluh empat
9,310 = sembilan ribu tiga ratus sepuluh
6,794 = enam ribu tujuh ratus sembilan puluh empat
1,312 = seribu tiga ratus dua belas
52,493 = = lima puluh dua ribu empat ratus sembilan puluh tiga
829,473 = lapan ratus dua puluh sembilan ribu empat ratus tujuh puluh tiga
5,413,826 = lima juta empat ratus tiga belas ribu lapan ratus dua puluh enam
1,123,457 = sejuta seratus dua puluh tiga ribu empat ratus lima puluh tujuh

When satu is added to another word it is often contracted to se and tagged on to the following word. Thus "satu" ratus (one hundred) becomes seratus.
This is also the case with one thousand (seribu) and one million (sejuta).
For the billionaires among you (ah, who knows?) the Malay word for "billion" is simply bilion. That's one word most of us don't have to learn - or use!

Yippee, there is no difference at all between Malay and Indonesian for numbers except that while Malay uses "lapan" for 8, Indonesia uses "delapan".
eight (8) delapan lapan
eighty (80) delapan puluh lapan puluh
eighteen (18) delapan belas lapan belas
billion milyar, miliar bilion

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