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This is the smartphone version (and does not include Indonesian). If you prefer the earlier and fuller version meant for desktop computers and which discusses the Indonesian language as well, you will have to go here.  But before you start studying you might want to read the introduction first. Go here for an Introduction to the Malay Language.

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Free Online Malay Course by pgoh 

Hi intending students of Malay,
You can now learn Malay wherever you are (at the bus-stop, in the subway or even while lining up in a queue) with just your 3" smartphone or 7" tablet.
In fact this course, initially written for use on desktop computers, has been redesigned so that whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, netbook, laptop or desktop the pages will adapt themselves to the width of your device. Hope this will make your learning of the Malay language more comfortable and convenient.
As this is a basic course I am assuming, of course, that your aim in studying the Malaysian language from here is to be able to understand and to make yourself understood when you travel to Malaysia. If your study is of an academic nature then of course you will have to go through a proper school and attend regular classes and do practical exercises to gain proficiency.

Let's get started!