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Lesson 8  Numbers (10-99)

If you have mastered counting from one to nine in Lesson 5 you now need to know only two more words (belas and puluh) to be able to count from 10 to 99.
Counting from 11 to 19 in Malay is simple when you remember how 13 to 19 are counted in English (as in four-teen, six-teen, eighteen, nine-teen). The "teen" in the second syllable is replaced by belas, that's all. Study the examples in the first column.
Counting the tens (10, 20, 30, 40, etc.) in Malay is like counting the tens in English (note the second syllable in forty, six-ty, eighty, nine-ty). The "ty" is replaced by puluh, that's all. Study the examples in the second column.
As for all the other numbers in-between 10 and 99 they are formed in exactly the same way as in English . Thus when you have a number such as 47 you only have to say forty (empat puluh) first, then seven (tujuh). For more examples see Column 3 in the table below (I have underlined the part in tens to help you). Good luck!

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A second reading (by Michelle Nor Ismat, a native speaker)

sebelas = 11
dua belas = 12
tiga belas = 13
empat belas = 14
lima belas = 15
enam belas = 16
tujuh belas = 17
lapan belas = 18
sembilan belas = 19
sepuluh = 10
dua puluh = 20
tiga puluh= 30
empat puluh = 40
lima puluh = 50
enam puluh = 60
tujuh puluh = 70
lapan puluh = 80
sembilan puluh = 90
83 = lapan puluh tiga
21 = dua puluh satu
36 = tiga puluh enam
47 = empat puluh tujuh
54 = lima puluh empat
65 = enam puluh lima
78 = tujuh puluh lapan
82 = lapan puluh dua
99 = sembilan puluh sembilan

Try to say out the numbers below in Malay (put your mouse over the number to see if you got it right). If you are using a tactile screen just touch the number. When you are able to do so without looking at the table above you would have mastered this lesson. In which case give yourself a pat on the back on my behalf!

lapan puluh lima

sembilan puluh tujuh

enam puluh empat

lima belas

empat puluh enam

dua puluh tiga

tujuh puluh

tiga puluh lima

lima puluh lapan

sembilan puluh dua

Try to say the random numbers below (they should change if you come back tomorrow).
            72            36             48            69            63            44            88             24

When satu is added to another word it is often contracted to se and tagged on to the following word. Thus "satu" puluh (one ten or 10) becomes sepuluh.
This is also the case with sebelas (= 11 - remember that in Malay all numbers from 11 to 19 end in belas).

Berapa umur anda? (How old are you)

We are now ready to practise asking and answering questions about a person's age. By the way if there is any centenarian here please kindly excuse me as we have not come to 100 yet! It will be in Lesson 22. To show you how truly sorry I am, I hereby offer to send you a special prize in return for your forgiveness (but you have to show me proof first that you are really a hundred years old!)
So let's start with the standard question which is Berapa umur anda? (How old are you?) and the standard answer Saya berumur ____ tahun (I am ____ years old).

For more meaningful practice how about making a few sentences of the members of your family? A full list of family members can be found in Lesson 29 (no harm going there now for this purpose). Thus:

Emak saya berumur empat puluh tiga tahun. (My mother is 43 years old.)
Abang saya berumur sembilan belas tahun. (My elder brother is 19 years old.)
Adik perempuan saya berumur tujuh belas tahun. (My younger sister is 17 years old.)
Mary berumur lima puluh lapan tahun. (Mary is 58 years old.)
Suaminya berumur enam puluh dua tahun. (Her husband is 62 years old.)
Please note that you can use the word berusia instead of berumur.
Okay if you want to take the easy way out, study the above sentences in Malay and when you have learnt them just look at the English sentences and see if you can translate them into Malay. Or write out your answers if you prefer. Good luck.

There is practically no difference between Malay and Indonesian for numbers.

number nomor nombor
zero nol kosong

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