A basic course on Bahasa Malaysia (also known as Bahasa Melayu or the Malay language)

  Lesson 62 (Part 1)  Memperkenalkan diri sendiri
(Presenting oneself)

If you have come this far you should be able to talk about yourself in Malay. I think you will find the time spent on this worthwhile when you see the end result. You might want to make a printout of it for easy reference. Don't you worry. No one (not even I!) will have a record of all the information typed in. They will all disappear the moment you log out of your computer!
But first you might want to start by saying "Let me introduce myself" which in Malay is Biarlah saya kenalkan diri sendiri.
And if you want to introduce one person to another ("Come let me introduce you. This is so-and-so.") you say Mari, saya kenalkan. Ini (your friend's name).

Your name:
Your age:
Sex (type lelaki if you are a man, perempuan if you are a woman):
Your nationality (see Lesson 4 - don't type the word orang before it):
Your marital status. If you are married type sudah, if not type belum,
if you are divorced type cerai and
if you are a widow/widower type mati:
Name of your husband or wife:
Age of your husband or wife:
Number of children you have (in figures eg. 0, 1, etc.):
Give your child/children's name/names:
Your profession or situation (Lesson 59) eg. if you are a clerk type kerani,
if you are a housewife type suri rumah tangga,
if you are a pensioner type pesara,
if you are a student type penuntut and
if you are jobless type menganggur:
Name of your school/university (if you are a student):
Name of the shop, company or department where you work (if applicable):
Name of the town/city where you live:
Your house address:

Since when did you stay in this address (type year):
Your house telephone number (if you don't have a phone at home type tiada). :
Your office telephone number (if you don't have an office phone number type tiada). :
Your cellphone number (if you don't have a cellphone type tiada). :
If you have a car type ada. If not type tiada:
The colour of your car (if you have one). If blue type biru (Lesson 12):
Time when you usually have your dinner (eg. type 8.30 or lapan setengah):
If you smoke type hisap. If not type tidak:
What you like to eat (Lesson 23) eg. if chicken type ayam):
Your favourite drink (Lesson 24) eg. if coffee type kopi):
Two adjectives that describe yourself (Lesson 47) eg. if you are tall type tinggi):     

Time when you usually go to bed (eg. type 11.30 or sebelas setengah):