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  Lesson 40 Yang mana? (Which one?)  

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A second reading (by Michelle Nor Ismat, a native speaker)

Which pen is yours? Yang mana pen anda?
- This one. - Yang ini.
Which umbrella is yours? Yang mana payung anda?
That one. - Yang itu.
Which one do you want? Yang mana hendak?
The red one. - Yang merah itu.
mana = where
pen = a pen
payung = umbrella
hendak = to wish
merah = red

1. The word yang is also widely used in forming the superlative eg. Dia yang tua sekali (He is the oldest). You will learn about this in Lesson 58. In fact there is another way of saying this and that is Dia yang tertua. In this case the prefix ter- turns an adjective into the superlative.
2. Do you see the difference between yang mana and di mana? The first means "which one (of several)" as dealt with in this lesson while di mana, which you have already learnt, means "where" eg. Di mana pen saya? (=Where is my pen?)

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