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  Lesson 39 Untuk (For)  

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A second reading (by Michelle Nor Ismat, a native speaker)

Is there a letter for me? Ada surat untuk saya?
Yes, here it is. - Ya, ini dia.
Who is this for? Ini untuk siapa?
For you. - Untuk anda.
He is saving money to buy a new car. Dia simpan wang untuk beli kereta baru.
surat = a letter
siapa = who
simpan = to keep/save
wang = money
beli = to buy
baru = new

Note that in the above answer Ya, ini dia don't try to see whether dia here stands for "he" or "she". It stands for neither as ini dia is an expression meaning "here it is" or "voilà" in French.

Further examples:
Saya ada hadiah untuk anda. (I have a gift for you.)
Surat ini untuk siapa? - Untuk dia. (Who is this letter for? - For him.)

In colloquial Malay the word untuk in all the above sentences where a person is the recipient can be replaced by bagi. So the above sentences become:
Ada surat bagi saya? (Is there a letter for me?)
Saya ada hadiah bagi anda. (I have a gift for you.)
Surat ini bagi siapa? - Bagi dia. (Who is this letter for? - For him.)

Note: bagi saya can also mean "as for me" eg. Bagi saya, perkara itu tidak berapa mustahak. (= As for me, that matter is not too important.)

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