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  Lesson 35 Sudah (Denotes the past)  

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A second reading (by Michelle Nor Ismat, a native speaker)

I have eaten. Saya sudah makan.
He has taken his bath. Dia sudah mandi.
I am ready. Saya sudah siap.
My daughter is (already) married. Anak perempuan saya sudah kahwin.
siap = to be ready
anak = child
anak perempuan = daughter
anak lelaki = son

Please note that "I have not eaten" cannot be translated as Saya tidak sudah makan. If you wish to say the opposite of sudah you have to replace sudah with belum (= "not yet") which has already been dealt with in Lesson 13.
A word that is often used in the place of sudah is telah. However telah is mainly used in the written form, not in the spoken.
Yet another word to indicate an action that took place in the past is pernah which will be explained in Lesson 53.

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