Malaysia after the 2008 elections  

Analyses/reports on the general elections of March 8, 2008

1. True test of Malaysian democracy lies ahead (World Politics Review)
2. Abdullah at risk after losing supermajority (Bloomberg report)
3. Opposition's gains signal era of change (IHT report)
4. Malaysia enters uncertainty after poll (Financial Times report)
5. Malaysia wakes to new political landscape (Reuters report)
6. Time for change in Malaysia (BBC report)
7. PAS wins big with gentler image (AFP report)
8. Humiliating outcome for National Front coalition (AP report)
9. Coalition stripped of two-thirds majority in Parliament (New York Times)
10. Huge gains for Malaysia opposition (Al Jazeera)
11. Malaysian opposition scores upset (CNN)
12. Malaysia's leaders suffer setback (TIME magazine)
13. Malaysia's election: Political tsunami? (The Economist)
14. Ethnic unity ushers in a new phase in Malaysia (Professor Michael Leigh)
15. Ties binding Malay model start to fray (Michael Richardson)
16. Malaysian voters open the door for Anwar Ibrahim (Michael Backman)
17. We will heal Malaysia's divisions (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in The Wall Street Journal)
18. The Malaysian Elections: Rejection of the usual politics (Professor Wing Thye WOO)